[Importer Highlight] Coffee Shrub

Coffee Shrub is the kind of grass-roots green coffee company that every coffee professional dreams of. The company is the brainchild of Thompson Owen and Christopher Schooley. Coffee Shrub was born out of Owen’s already stellar company Sweet Maria’s, which exists to serve home coffee roasters, including selling small quantities of superb quality green coffee that Thompson cups and […]

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Coffea: The Plant

I remember, in my early days of life, thinking that coffee was some sort of commodity that was unearthed from the ground.  I pictured coffee, in its dark and rich brown color, being piped out of the ground like oil and ready to be consumed by the masses.  A little while later I found out […]

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[Importer Highlight] Café Imports

In our second installment of our series of posts we will introduce you to the fine folks of Café Imports.  To say that Café Imports has had an impact on the specialty coffee industry would be an understatement.  What began as two friends jumping into the green coffee business in 1993 has since grown […]

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The Death of the Darkest Roast

You may have noticed lately that something is missing from our shelves, our online store, and from behind our bar.  It’s our Midnight Blend.

The Midnight Blend was a coffee we decided to offer to those coffee enthusiasts who really, really enjoyed the dark side of coffee.  We roasted this coffee to the point of near […]

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Home Brew Battle!

We are happy to announce an epic educational series called “Battle of the Home Brews”!

Each month we will choose two brew methods. They will compete head-to-head, in an epic battle to be crowned as the ULTIMATE home-brewing method!

During each class attendees will learn from our experienced instructors about Coffee Brewing Basics and be shown Step-by-Step […]

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[Importer Highlight] Red Goni

Welcome to the first segment in our first series of posts.  The series will showcase our green coffee suppliers.  We really enjoy the relationships we have built with these companies and wholeheartedly believe in the work they do at origin to improve the lives of the farmers and laborers they work with and […]

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Coffee Genesis

Have your thoughts ever lead you to wonder about the origin of coffee?  Where has it come from?  How has it gotten to where it’s at today?  Those are probably questions we ask more of ourselves than we do of our coffee, but our passion for coffee has lead us to ponder these questions and seek […]

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