We’ve been busy friends. If you haven’t already heard or noticed, we’ve opened two new locations this year. This time last year Cultiva was still operating under one roof at 727 S. 11th Street. We were serving as many customers as our little shop could allow and roasting as many coffees as our shelves could hold, but we saw customers walk in our doors and then walk right back out after seeing a packed house with no seats available. Cultiva exists to craft and create thoughtful and delicious coffees and foods and to serve those well that desire to enjoy it, so we set out to expand upon that vision to serve our customers even better.

March marked the launch of Cultiva East Campus at 3535 Holdrege Street. This was our first venture into launching a new retail location, and it was quite the journey. Since March we have seen an amazing response from the East Campus community and we could not be more thrilled to be there. But, we weren’t about to leave our dear Near South location behind.

In July we launched plans to expand our kitchen at our Near South location and move our roasting beach dresses operations from our flagship store into a new production space. In October those plans became a reality. Our 11th & G store wrapped up construction on our new kitchen space and saw our roaster move out, providing more seating space for our customers to enjoy the Near South store.

October also marked the launch of Cultiva Labs at 2510 Randolph Street. Cultiva Labs is the new home of our roasting operations as well as a small retail coffee bar. The vision and goal for Cultiva Labs was to create a space that would allow us to further improve our coffee quality by giving us the room we need to educate and train our staff in coffee excellence. We are very excited for the investment we will be making in our staff. We also have plans to offer public training and education sessions at Cultiva Labs starting in 2016.

If you haven’t been down to our Near South store in awhile, then you should definitely go check it out. With a bigger kitchen and more seating we are serving customers better than we ever have before. If you haven’t seen our new Cultiva Labs location, then you need to get over here. We are serving up delicious coffees Monday-Saturday from 7am-2pm, and the space is beautiful.

What will 2016 bring for Cultiva? Time will tell, but we know one thing for sure; we will still be slinging tasty crepes and coffees.