We are happy to announce an epic educational series called “Battle of the Home Brews”!

Each month we will choose two brew methods. They will compete head-to-head, in an epic battle to be crowned as the ULTIMATE home-brewing method!

During each class attendees will learn from our experienced instructors about Coffee Brewing Basics and be shown Step-by-Step guidance for how to prepare different brew methods.

Class Schedule
June 23rd: “Cold-Brew” challenges “Iced Pour-over”
July 21st: “V60 Dripper” challenges “Aeropress”
August 18th: “Chemex” challenges “Clever”
September 15th: “French Press” challenges “Kalita Wave”
Please join us as we instruct you in the ways of cold coffee. Help us choose a champion!
Classes will be held at Cultiva East Campus from 5pm-7pm.
Class Size will be limited to 16 Attendees.

Class Information

Charge: $20 per Class.  You may also register on our website here, or 15 minutes before class by paying with cash only.

You will receive…
…a greater understanding of general coffee brewing science.
…step-by-step guidance and recipes for both cold-brew and iced pour-over methods that you can do at home.
…a chance to purchase brewing equipment and merchandise at a 10% discount after class.
…a FREE BAG OF COFFEE to take home, so you can practice what you’ve learned!


Tamara Vigil – Lead Barista at Cultiva-Downtown
Tamara is an experienced instructor through the Specialty Coffee Association of America and is a certified Level 1 Barista by the Barista Guild of America.

Tom Ailor – Director of Coffees at Cultiva
Tom has 10 years of experience as a Barista, Cafe Manager, Barista Trainer, and Coffee Roaster for more companies than he would care to mention.
When he’s not at work geeking out about coffee, you’ll find him at home dialing in his Chemex brew or rebuilding a La Marzocco Linea.

Colin Egger- Barista at Cultiva (East Campus) Colin has 10+ years of Coffee/Cafe experience. He is still learning and meditating on the persuit of perfection.