Coffee Shrub is the kind of grass-roots green coffee company that every coffee professional dreams of. The company is the brainchild of Thompson Owen and Christopher Schooley. Coffee Shrub was born out of Owen’s already stellar company Sweet Maria’s, which exists to serve home coffee roasters, including selling small quantities of superb quality green coffee that Thompson cups and sources himself.

Coffee Shrub fills a unique place in the green coffee industry. With the boom of micro-roasting companies over the past decade, there grew a need for a coffee supplier who offered a variety of coffees in smaller bag quantities. The typical jute coffee bag that ships from coffee producing countries is between 132 – 154 lbs. Coffee Shrub offers their coffees in 50 lb. or 100 lb. bags, partly because they’re easier to carry and store, but also because it meets the needs of small roasting companies.

Don’t let the grass-roots feel or the scale of their operation fool you, because they are dealing some of the very best quality coffees you can get with very sustainable practices. Nearly all of their coffees are purchased at origin under their Farm Gate Pricing Program. Their Farm Gate Coffees mean that they have negotiated the price of the coffee directly with the farmer “at the farm gate.” They guarantee that the prices they offer are 50% above Fair Trade prices, while often being over 100% more than Fair Trade prices. Coffee Shrub’s Farm Gate Pricing Program is one of many reasons why we love working with them.

Another reason why we love Coffee Shrub is their great wealth of resources. Owen and Schooley both have years of roasting experience under their belts and have offered their expertise through videos, forums, and resource pages on their website. They also publish a lot of their personal experiences with traveling to origin and cupping their coffees. We love how freely they share their information to push the craft of roasting forward, and we have certainly gleaned and grown from their offerings. Coffee Shrub’s exceedingly great quality coffees, fair & intimate treatment of coffee farmers, consistent service, and unfettered informational offerings will keep us coming back to them for years to come.