Welcome to the first segment in our first series of posts.  The [Importer Highlight] series will showcase our green coffee suppliers.  We really enjoy the relationships we have built with these companies and wholeheartedly believe in the work they do at origin to improve the lives of the farmers and laborers they work with and we want you to know and see who is behind the coffees you drink.

Our first [Importer Highlight] is a company that we’ve worked with for years, Red Goni Coffee Company.  Here is a small tidbit about Red Goni from their website:

Red Goni Coffee is a green coffee importer from Indonesia which has the cheap nfl jerseys expertise in coffee-trading activity for more than 20 years. Our company has been expanding into United States-with Los Angeles, California, as our base.

At this moment, we specialize on what we know best; importing great quality Indonesian coffee. We carry different types of Indonesian coffee, both Arabica and Robusta, to give you a wider array of selections.

Working with selected and trusted farmers throughout Indonesia, we guarantee to maintain high quality products. Often, our products come from our own and our partner’s processing facilities in Indonesia, where we set exacting quality control standard. Whatever the source, our on-site inspectors ensure that no product gets shipped unless it meets the demanding specifications that we all expect.

Red Goni has been supplying us with excellent quality coffees from Sumatra for years now.  We know that Sumatra has become a somewhat passé origin for high-end specialty coffee roasters to offer, citing the lack of cleanliness or overpowering earthiness of Sumatran coffees.  But we realize that not all coffees are created equally, even those in Sumatra.  To lump all Sumatran coffees into a category of “not good enough” seems like a grand generalization that leads people to really miss out.  The Royal Badger and Red Badger coffees we’ve brought in from Red Goni season after season have come to defy what others might have come to expect from Sumatran coffees.  In these coffees we’ve found flavors like red fruit, plum, wine, dark chocolate, melon, raisin, whisky & oak.  The wet-hulled process still lends to some earthy and vegetal flavors, but they are expressed in a harmonious way that brings out all of the body and punch you want with a Sumatra alongside some really interesting and refined flavors as well.  We keep the roast lighter than what you might find with other Sumatran coffees because we don’t have to with Red Goni’s quality selections.  A lighter roast shows the great quality and exceptional character of Red Goni’s coffees in an unbridled way… these coffees don’t need the heavy handedness of a dark roast to shine with sweetness and body.

How is it that Red Goni has managed to source some of the best Sumatran coffees we’ve ever tasted?  We reached out to Johnson Tanojo of Red Goni and asked him a few questions to give you a picture who Red Goni is, and why they do what they do:

Cultiva:  What led you to working in the coffee industry?

Red Goni (Johnson):  My family has been in the coffee exporting and local trading business for about 20 years (although it was more in the Robusta side of the business), and our main goal was initially to grow and to expand the network to here in the USA. And as you know, as time goes by, I learnt more about the coffee business, and fell in love more in the specialty side of the business. Then, we decided to take the leap of faith, and be independent from the family side of the business, and then Red Goni was born.

Cultiva:  You specialize in sourcing and importing coffees from Sumatra, why is that?

Red Goni (Johnson):  It was because we were born and raised in Indonesia. We know the history and politics and backgrounds of the country, we know where to source good coffees. And more importantly, because of our deep emotional connection with the country, we are trying to make some change for the better good, and to support local farming community.

Cultiva:  How often do you travel to origin?… What are your main objectives when you get there?

Red Goni (Johnson):  At least once a year. Mostly for cupping, quality control purposes, and social projects / charities to local schools and community.

Cultiva:  What do you find most rewarding about your work as a coffee importer?

Red Goni (Johnson):  The ability to be blessings and to help other people in needs, and the kind words about our coffee and our work from our loyal customers that keep us going. In short, it is the great people that make this community that I found the most rewarding.

One other little piece of information we found out from Johnson awhile back is that his alma mater is the University of Wisconsin, and the Royal Badger and Red Badger signature names for their highest quality selections are a nod to the University’s mascot, Bucky Badger.  It’s no secret that our blood runs with scarlet & cream for the Huskers, but we’ll forgive the Badger name because Red Goni’s coffees are just that good.

There you have it.  Our first [Importer Highlight].  The fine Red Goni Coffee Company.