Meet Our New Milk Provider:  Burbach’s Countryside Dairy.


Burbach’s Countryside Dairy is a family owned and operated farm near Hartington, which is located in Northeastern Nebraska.  There is a lot that we love about Burbach’s milk, not the least of which is the great taste.  We taste tested multiple different milks, and Burbach’s didn’t win just because they are a local Nebraska producer, but because their milk was the richest, sweetest, and creamiest of all the milks we tried out.  What makes their milk taste so good?  Well the cows of course.  Burbach’s produces all of their milk right on their own farm with their own cows, and without the use of artificial hormones.  All of the milk they supply is on the shelf within 24-48 hours virtual reality headset after being produced, and fresher milk means better tasting milk!  Another big contributing factor to the great taste of Burbach’s milk is their use of glass bottles.  Burbach’s Countryside Dairy is only bottled in glass, which greatly preserves the fresh taste of the milk and also keeps the milk colder.  Glass does not impart any foreign flavors or orders.  All of their glass bottles are returnable and reusable, which greatly reduces waste.

There’s a whole lot to like about Burbach’s Countryside Dairy, and we are thrilled to be using their great milks in our stores.  We are so excited, in fact, that we are throwing a Milk & Cookies Party to celebrate.  Come down to our East Campus location on Friday, June 12th between 6pm – 8pm for free milk and cookies!  We will have lots of samples to try out, so come celebrate with us!