It was a little more than a year ago that we set out on the idea of opening a second Cultiva location.  Our flagship store on 11th Street had been busting at the seams for a few months and we sadly watched as customers would walk in the door to see seats full and then walk right back out.  Our mission is to share our great coffees and foods with the great people of Lincoln and to serve them well.  It was becoming clear that we were limited in seeing the fullness of our mission by the size of our store, so we set out to build another.

If you would ask any small business owner they would tell you that it takes a considerable amount of work to open a brick and mortar retail business.  We would tell you no different.  However, we had the advantage of operating a retail location for a few years and had built up enough knowledge of the inner-workings of our café to know what we needed to do with a new space.  Having a clear vision is encouraging when approaching a job, but you still need a lot of help to see if fulfilled.  That’s why we pursued the help of fine professionals.  John Nanos of Woods Bros Realty, Scott Sullivan of Erickson Sullivan Architects, Matt Biggs at Cornhusker Bank, Brad Becker of Becker Construction, and the fine men at WRK Real Estate.  Without the help of these professionals, and many others, we would not have made the journey.

Finding the right location, lining up financing, negotiating a lease, laying out the space, submitting drawings for approval, engineering the electrical, plumbing & HVAC, getting bids on construction, getting advice on how to not go broke before getting the doors open, starting construction, watching your vision begin to take place, seeing your vision get caught up in the endless amounts of red tape in local government, beating your head against the wall, buying equipment, buying more equipment, buying small wares, buying more small wares, having your equipment arrive two weeks early, having other equipment arrive two weeks late, watching your construction time-table get blown out of the water, sweating bullets that your money is going to dry up, hiring a new staff, training a new staff, city inspections, fire inspections, health inspections, final punch lists, finally wanting to punch everyone, finally opening the doors…  this, all of THIS (and more) is opening a new location.

There is something entirely terrifying about putting it all on the line to see your business grow and fulfill its mission, but there is also something entirely exhilarating about letting go and pushing forward… something that most small business owners could also tell you about.

It took a long hard year of work to open our East Campus location at 3535 Holdrege, but seeing the wind hit the sails over the past several weeks, we can tell you it’s been worth it.  One of the most rewarding aspects has been the great new crew of employees we’ve been able to bring on.  The store has been humming all because of the hard work of the go-getters we hired.  They jumped in both feet first when it came crunch time to getting the store open and we couldn’t be happier with the job they’ve done.  Another very rewarding aspect has been the response of the community and customers that have walked in our doors.  We have absolutely loved your response and we’re so enjoying getting to know this new community we are a part of.

We have been catching our breath over the past couple of months, but we can tell you that this isn’t it for Cultiva.  We have many more ideas and plans of how to share our great coffees and foods with the great people of Lincoln and how to continue serving you well!