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Three great plans with three options each. Pick your flavor, tell us how often you'd like to get beans via email or in the comments field at checkout, and then luxuriate in your automatic coffee. As with our individual coffee orders, you will receive whole bean coffee unless you surprise us with a deadly figure-4 leg-lock or turnbuckle dive.

Shipping is included in the listed prices.

Other Caveats and Benefits.

  1. You may occasionally receive "in-house only" coffees that aren't listed on our site for mass sale.
  2. We only organize and ship subscription orders on Mondays.
  3. Increments/multiples of one week only: If you want a pound every 10 days, we cannot oblige you. See Caveat 1.
  4. Default frequency is one pound per month (four weeks to be exact), but we can ship every week, every two weeks, etc. Lowest frequency: once every two months (8 weeks). See Caveats 6 and 7.
  5. Minimum shipment size is one pound. If you're a chugger that needs 3 pounds per week, we can make it happen.
  6. These subscriptions make charming gifts for your favorite coffee lover, and the smallest one is inexpensive enough to avoid garishness. Just contact us at/after checkout with recipient information.
  7. The 12-shipment subscription is priced at the deepest discount we can offer. There is technically no limit on how many of these you can purchase, but...
  8. There is a time limit of one year. Coffee "C" market prices are quite volatile!


Roaster's Choice - Premium Single Origins.

DecoThis option entitles the holder to three, six or twelve shipments of our fine single origin coffees of the world. We will try to get you a proper mix of coffees from all the continents, but customization isn't possible on this subscription...we turn over our coffees quite quickly, so if your subscription is set up for e.g. 48 weeks, chances are we're not going to have the exact same origins by week 24, or even week 8, sometimes!

12 Shipments.

6 Shipments.

3 Shipments.

The Espresso Plan.

DecoIf you're a Shotsman or Shotswoman, you'll probably prefer this subscription. Three, six or twelve shipments of delicious Black Label Espresso blend. Perfect pulls will ensue.

12 Shipments.

6 Shipments.

3 Shipments.

The Dark Plan.

DecoWe know some of you like to Enter the Night, and we promise not to turn our nose up at you. This plan offers three, six or twelve pounds of our customer-favorite dark-roasted blends. The default for this subscription is Saratoga, but let us know if you'd prefer our even-darker Midnight blend.

A side benefit of this plan is the great price!

12 Shipments.

6 Shipments.

3 Shipments.