You may have noticed lately that something is missing from our shelves, our online store, and from behind our bar.  It’s our Midnight Blend.

The Midnight Blend was a coffee we decided to offer to those coffee enthusiasts who really, really enjoyed the dark side of coffee.  We roasted this coffee to the point of near fire, obliterating most, if not all, of the origin character of the coffees we choose to blend in favor of pure roast character.  We did, however, understand the appeal… this coffee has the deepest roast character possible for those who like to add cream and sugar to their coffee while still enjoying the roast flavor of coffee.  That’s why we are going to focus our energy on our other dark roast blend, Saratoga.

Saratoga Blend has been a long time staple of Cultiva, and it’s a dark roast blend that we can really get behind.  The Saratoga Blend is dark enough to give a nice roast flavor, but not so dark to hide the origin character, which is what we really enjoy about this blend.  It’s roasted a short way into second crack for full roast flavor but we drop it shy of letting the oils surface on the bean.  Keeping the oils inside of the bean leads to a fresher cup of coffee 3d vr glasses.  Very dark roasted coffees, like the Midnight Blend, have a spotting of oil when they leave the roaster, and that oil continues to seep out and coat the surface of the bean as it ages.  The big problem with the oils being on the outside is that they are exposed to air, which means oxidation, which means rancid oils.

The Midnight Blend will live on, however, but only in special orders in 5 lb. bulk quantities.  If you’re still a big fan of the dark, dark side… then you can email us your order for Midnight Blend in 5 lb. increments to info (at)

This is not a decision of self-importance for us, but we do feel compelled to offer all of our focus on coffees that we can truly stand behind, and unfortunately the Midnight Blend no longer belongs to that list.