August 24th, 2015

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Coffee Shrub

Coffee Shrub is the kind of grass-roots green coffee company that every coffee professional dreams of…Read more


Coffee Is Important

We are a locally and independently owned coffee roaster, retailer, wholesaler, and creperie located in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Our goal and passion is to curate thoughtful and delicious coffee and food offerings.
We also have a passion and commitment for those who first touch your coffee: the people who grow and mill it. Our commitment is carried out through our relationships with select farmers at origin, whose coffees we purchase directly, and through our trusted coffee brokers who do the rewarding work of traveling to origin year-round. We work hard to source only the highest quality, socially-responsible coffees; tasting and analyzing countless samples and bringing in the most prized origins we find.
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Purbatua is a small area located in North Sumatra, Indonesia.  The rich traditional Sumatran culture in the Purbatua area brings out the best of what coffees of Sumatra offer; notes of dark chocolate, earth, molasses, and citrus.

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Made from Scratch and Made to Order.  All of our plates are crafted with care, and our customers say that you can taste it.  Our foods are what we would call ‘Creative Comfort’:  Scratch-made Soups, Crepes, Johnny Cakes, and Sandwiches that have all been thoughtfully crafted in our kitchen.  Stop in and keep an eye out for our rotating food specials… they are always inspired and sure to impress.

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We offer single-origin coffees and flawlessly crafted blends and espressos. We work hard to find only the highest quality, socially responsible green coffees from around the world. Once we find those coffees we apply our craft: developing roast profiles to ensure a coffee experience that is consistently amazing. You’ll find unique and great tasting coffees that are approachable to all.
No pretense, just great coffee.

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We’ve intentionally curated a warm, funky, clean, and interesting environment. We are not looking to establish a sterile corporate type of atmosphere, so we look to our employees to let their personality shine and mold our culture (all within the framework of being agreeable and genuine, of course).  We are coffee, food, music, technology, and art nerds.. so we’ve built a company to reflect that.  Culture with flavor, that’s our motto.

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